Think Before Launching a website

Things to consider before launching your website:

Your objectives:

What are your objective regarding your website? For example

  • Do you want to advertise your product or service?
  • Want to sale your product or service online?
  • Want to provide customer service or product support?
  • Want to provide product or corporate information?
  • Want to create and establish company identity or brand awareness?

Need, wants and expectation of your target market:

What is target market?

Suppose if you are in hotel industries then target market may be: Business travelers, Vacation travelers, Family travelers, Meeting planner, Tour operators, Groups etc.

What is the scope of your market?

Local, national or international

Product and services that are being offered:

  • Is your product can be sold online or need the client to contact you first?
  • Are you able to provide shipping and packaging facility to your clients?
  • In case of services you might want to include feedback from your customers about your services?

Who are your competitors?

Who are your competitors and what different you are going to serve your clients that will be superior then those once?

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