Terms & Condition

Terms & Conditions

We provide best quality services to our clients. Clients get confidence working with us because they are risk free from any doubt about there website. We provide all the information about how their site is going to be made, what features are going to be provided and all possible demos beforehand!
Procedure of the Website desinging work

  • First Stage: We schedule a meeting with you, and know details about your business or service. We find out what you want to market through your website? What is your overall purpose?
  • Second Stage: We Finalize the cost of making the website, other charges if any and you pay half of the payment of the whole costing finalized.
  • Third Stage: We show you the layout of your website on our server, and find out your query that you are satisfied with the layout or want any modification.
  • Forth Stage: When you finalize the layout of your website, We charge you rest half of the total cost as we agreed for, in stage second and host your site with your domain name.
  • Fifth Stage: Website has got completed. But our relationship not! We are here to serve you for any future upgradation for your website, or marketing your business and website for maximum profit.Ultimately your maximum profit is our maximum success.

Clients Responsibility:

Its clients responsibility to provide us proper documentation and material that they want to put on there website. We provide documentation on how to edit website content by own and also support them in learning the same. But if the client want that content update will be done by us then we will charge some nominal charges per update made on the site.

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